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About Dus Trading

Dus Trading Karnal
Welcome to the world of Dus Trading, Canada

Dus trading Canada based import and export company. We do import and export all over the word.

Our main products are Led lights, toys, building material, medical supplies etc. We import high quality products only. Our goal is to provide quality products with reasonable price to whole sellers so that they can make good profit.

Dus Trading supply all kinds of products to Canada, USA and Mexico with reasonable price. Ask us our extra discount for long term clients.

We started with the understanding that LED lighting has changed the way people and organizations evaluate lighting products and projects. Lighting is no longer just a commodity to simply price across a range of suppliers. Customers need guidance on the available options so that they can confidently select the right products - from the right manufacturers - to accomplish their objectives.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide some amazing toys, LED Lights, medical supplies and building material at an unbeatable cost. We believe in quality and we always assure that our customers get the best products from our side.

Our Services